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Tribal tattoos are extremely popular if not the most popular tattoo style currently. These type of tattoos have their origin the the ancient tribes of Polynesia, New Zealand(Maori tattoos), Hawaii and many other early cultures. The markings signified a person's inner spiritual power and were typically geometric designs that were changed as the person aged. It is still unclear as to the meaning of some of the designs.

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printable angel tattoos

A tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reason... more

flower tattoo

Flower tattoos are for the most part a development of the past few decades, and testimony to the fact that it is now acc... more

fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoo Fairy tattoos are a fairly recent development and they represent a certain range of interests or way of ... more

tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos can easily be recognized. They are dramatic use aggressive dark lines in jagged symmetrical shapes spread... more

butterfly tattoo

We all agreed that butterfly is a pretty inset. There are thousands types of butterflies in the world, so they provide p... more

skull tattoo

The most common symbolic use of the skull is the representation of death and mortality. Most people do not like them. Ho... more